Apple Carnegie Library set to open on Saturday

Apple is ready to open its newest retail location, Carnegie Library, on May 11, 2019. This Saturday, their newest offering in their line of curated retail beauty, with the perfect combination of technology and simplicity will be open to the public.

Why Apple loves its retail?

As most of you might know, Apple retail stores are some of the most beautiful and carefully designed locations in the world. Apple takes pride in making sure each location is perfect. 

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This is because Apple believes that shopping is an art, and that the experience of purchasing an Apple device should be more beautiful than the device itself. 

Every single one of Apple’s retail locations are built by famed architects, with unique designs.

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Apple Carnegie Library

Apple has spent more than 2 years and probably over $30 million, according to The Washington Post, in renovating Carnegie Library. Carnegie Library is a 116 year-old building, located opposite of the Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington D.C. 

To celebrate the opening, Apple will be conducting special “Today at Apple” sessions called the “StoryMakers Festival” between May 28 and June 29.

The program is set to bring more than 40 poets, artists, photographers, musicians, etc., to tell their stories and inspire others to tell stories.

The new Apple Store is set to continue Apple’s legacy in retail into preserving buildings of historical importance. 

This digs deeper into Apple’s constant involvement in societal issues, international crises, and general human well-being.

“Together, let’s create the next chapter,” Apple says, “Inspired by the rich history of Carnegie Library, we are reimagining Apple Carnegie Library as a brand-new space to learn. Where everyone is welcome to come and discover all kinds of creativity, connect with new ideas, and share their stories.” 

Apple revealed their plans to renovate Carnegie Library back in 2016.

Above: Apple Carnegie Library

Probably one of the least done things in an Apple Store is to buy something, people come to explore new products, of course, but also get training and services for iPhones or iPads they already own."
Tim Cook
CEO, Apple
Praveen Nagaraj
Author: Praveen Nagaraj

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