Apple Launches New Webpage In Response To Several Antitrust Investigations

Due to the way the App Store runs, Apple recently underwent various antitrust investigations, such as Spotify suing Apple for monopoly in Europe, and class actions against the App Store monopoly, etc.

Apple launched a new webpage today, dedicates to the App Store, which clearly is a response to these allegations. Apple said the App Store has only two goals: “a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for all developers”

At the same time, Apple also said that the App Store welcomes competition and believes that competition will make everything better and improves the overall experience of the apps. The company also exemplified several third-party apps that compete with its own apps, such as Spotify vs. Apple Music, iMessage vs. Whatsapp, and more.

We believe competition makes everything better and results in the best apps for our customers.

We also care about quality over quantity, and trust over transactions. That’s why, even though other stores have more users and more app downloads, the App Store earns more money for developers. Our users trust Apple — and that trust is critical to how we operate a fair, competitive store for developer app distribution.

Here’s a look at a variety of categories we’re competing in, and who we’re competing with, on our App Store.

Finally, Apple metioned the fact that they reveiw every apps and updates to ensure developers follow the strict guidelines on privacy, design, and business models, and has removed over 1.4 million apps since it started the App Store cleanup program in 2016.

Jing Moreno
Author: Jing Moreno

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