When does the WWDC 2019 Keynote Start in your Time Zone?

Holden Satterwhite
Appleosophy | When does the WWDC 2019 Keynote Start in your Time Zone?

WWDC 2019 is tomorrow, and we here at Appleosophy are so excited about it. This is the time where we get to see the newest versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, and possibly some new hardware too.We have created a list of time zones for when the WWDC 2019 Keynote will start:

Thank you to The Apple Hub for sharing this list with us.

Featured Image by @leptos_null via Twitter

Accra 5pm (Mon)
Addis Ababa 8pm (Mon)
Adelaide 2:30am (Tue)
Algiers 6pm (Mon)
Almaty 11pm (Mon)
Amman 8pm (Mon)
Amsterdam 7pm (Mon)
Anadyr 5am (Tue)
Anchorage 9am (Mon)
Ankara 8pm (Mon)
Antananarivo 8pm (Mon)
Asuncion 1pm (Mon)
Athens 8pm (Mon)
Atlanta 1pm (Mon)
Auckland 5am (Tue)
Baghdad 8pm (Mon)
Bangalore 10:30pm (Mon)
Bangkok 12am (Tue)
Barcelona 7pm (Mon)
Beijing 1am (Tue)
Beirut 8pm (Mon)
Belgrade 7pm (Mon)
Berlin 7pm (Mon)
Bogota 12pm (Mon)
Boston 1pm (Mon)
Brasilia 2pm (Mon)
Brisbane 3am (Tue)
Brussels 7pm (Mon)
Bucharest 8pm (Mon)
Budapest 7pm (Mon)
Buenos Aires 2pm (Mon)
Cairo 7pm (Mon)
Calgary 11am (Mon)
Canberra 3am (Tue)
Cape Town 7pm (Mon)
Caracas 1pm (Mon)
Casablanca 5pm (Mon)
Chicago 12pm (Mon)
Copenhagen 7pm (Mon)
Dallas 12pm (Mon)
Dar es Salaam 8pm (Mon)
Darwin 2:30am (Tue)
Denver 11am (Mon)
Detroit 1pm (Mon)
Dhaka 11am (Mon)
Doha 8pm (Mon)
Dubai 9pm (Mon)
Dublin 6pm (Mon)
Edmonton 11am (Mon)
Frankfurt 7pm (Mon)
Guatemala City 11am (Mon)
Halifax 2pm (Mon)
Hanoi 12am (Tue)
Harare 7pm (Mon)
Havana 1pm (Mon)
Helsinki 8pm (Mon)
Hong Kong 1am (Tue)
Honolulu 7am (Mon)
Houston 12pm (Mon)
Indianapolis 1pm (Mon)
Islamabad 10pm (Mon)
Istanbul 8pm (Mon)
Jakarta 12am (Tue)
Jerusalem 8pm (Mon)
Johannesburg 7pm (Mon)
Kabul 9:30pm (Mon)
Karachi 10pm (Mon)
Kathmandu 10:45pm (Mon)
Khartoum 7pm (Mon)
Kingston 12pm (Mon)
Kinshasa 6pm (Mon)
Kiritimati 7am (Tue)
Kolkata 10:30pm (Mon)
Kuala Lumpur 1am (Tue)
Kuwait City 8pm (Mon)
Kyiv 8pm (Mon)
La Paz 1pm (Mon)
Lagos 6pm (Mon)
Lahore 10pm (Mon)
Las Vegas 10am (Mon)
Lima 12pm (Mon)
Lisbon 6pm (Mon)
London 6pm (Mon)
Los Angeles 10am (Mon)
Madrid 7pm (Mon)
Managua 11am (Mon)
Manila 1am (Tue)
Melbourne 3am (Tue)
Mexico City 12pm (Mon)
Miami 1pm (Mon)
Minneapolis 12pm (Mon)
Minsk 8pm (Mon)
Montevideo 2pm (Mon)
Montréal 1pm (Mon)
Moscow 8pm (Mon)
Mumbai 10:30pm (Mon)
Nairobi 8pm (Mon)
Nassau 1pm (Mon)
New Delhi 10:30pm (Mon)
New Orleans 12pm (Mon)
New York 1pm (Mon)
Oslo 7pm (Mon)
Ottawa 1pm (Mon)
Paris 7pm (Mon)
Perth 1am (Tue)
Philadelphia 1pm (Mon)
Phoenix 10am (Mon)
Prague 7pm (Mon)
Reykjavik 5pm (Mon)
Rio de Janeiro 2pm (Mon)
Riyadh 8pm (Mon)
Rome 7pm (Mon)
Salt Lake City 11am (Mon)
San Francisco 10am (Mon)
San Juan 1pm (Mon)
San Salvador 11am (Mon)
Santiago 1pm (Mon)
Santo Domingo 1pm (Mon)
Sāo Paulo 2pm (Mon)
Seattle 10am (Mon)
Seoul 2am (Tue)
Shanghai 1am (Tue)
Singapore 1am (Tue)
Sofia 8pm (Mon)
St. John’s 2:30pm (Mon)
Stockholm 7pm (Mon)
Suva 5am (Tue)
Sydney 3am (Tue)
Taipei 1am (Tue)
Tallinn 8pm (Mon)
Tashkent 10pm (Mon)
Tegucigalpa 11am (Mon)
Tehran 9:30pm (Mon)
Tokyo 2am (Tue)
Toronto 1pm (Mon)
Vancouver 10am (Mon)
Vienna 7pm (Mon)
Warsaw 7pm (Mon)
Washington DC 1pm (Mon)
Zürich 7pm (Mon)
Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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