Apple Pay Deal: 30 Percent Off Food and Drinks on the NYC Ferry

This one goes out to all of our readers in New York City!

As of right now, you can go on the NYC Ferry and get 30 percent off your order of any food or beverage on any of the NYC Ferries.

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Apple Pay NYC Ferry

This comes after a tweet that Apple had put out that unveiled this promotion to the public. However, it would appear as though this is a locally-based tweet since I have not seen it on my timeline, and even when I try to search for the tweet, it is not there. It could also be because of the fact that Apple’s Twitter account does not actually make tweets, but just as sponsored tweets that don’t count as actual tweets since they are sponsored (I know, it’s weird).

We should also point out that Apple Card users will be able to get two percent cashback when making purchases from the NYC Ferry. That might not sound like a lot of change back, but hey, every penny counts!

For this offer, you will be able to use it between now and the rest of the month of October, where the last day is on October 31, 2019, which is also Halloween.

Make sure that you check out Apple’s other current deal for 25 percent off with Crane vending machines.



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