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Did Apple remove dashboard in MacOS Catalina?

Apple announced MacOS Catalina yesterday at WWDC 2019, and released the first developer beta. After extensively going through the beta, we believe that MacOS Catalina does not support the dashboard anymore.

In MacOS Catalina, we used Terminal to attempt to force the dashboard to disable and enable. Usually, this should have brought back an inactive dashboard. However, this wasn’t the case. The dashboard is still missing, and did not return after this forced reboot.

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You can see in the image on the right, our attempts to restart the dashboard.

Another key giveaway is the absence of the dashboard application in the applications view. It is marked with a question mark, the same way as iTunes is.

This further leads us to believe that the dashboard may truly be gone from MacOS Catalina.

The dashboard wasn’t a favorite feature for most, but was very useful for some. Some of the widgets were perfect for the dashboard, being too small to justify downloading as an app. The convenience factor was also present, not having to open a website to check flight statuses. This is still a speculation however, and we will get to know in the final release of Catalina, the fate of the dashboard.

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Praveen Nagaraj
Author: Praveen Nagaraj

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