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Rumor: 7-Eleven Could Be Accepting Apple Pay at the Pump Soon

According to @Yartctls34 on Twitter, it would appear as though 7-Eleven convenient stores could soon start accepting Apple Pay at the pump.

In a photo sent to us from @Yartctls34, it shows the NFC sensor being available at the pump. This is the same one that is at Phillips 66 gas stations in the midwest that do allow for consumers to pay for their gas at the pump with Apple Pay.

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According to our source, it would appear as though that in his attempt to use his mobile payment service at the pump that it did not work and was not functional yet.

7-Eleven has not said when they will officially be enabling this at their stores but it could be one of those things where it is a gradual launch. The good news is that they are at some 7-Eleven pumps now, meaning that the company does intend to have it available to consumers at some point.

Apple Pay began being accepted at 7-Eleven convenience stores in September 2018.

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