How to Have a Movie Night for Under $10

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Appleosophy | How to Have a Movie Night for Under $10
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It is the summer now and everyone is out there enjoying their movies, and overall, having a good time.

However, what if you are on a somewhat strict budget this summer and cannot afford to spend $15 on a movie ticket and the $10-25 on snacks and refreshments at the snack counter?

This might just be the best option for you right now.

For starters, when I say “movie night,” I mean that you are staying in and not going to an expensive movie theater. After all, this is 2019, where you don’t have to be reliant on a movie theater or any other place for entertainment.

For this example, as the feature image above suggests, I am going to use the movie The Social Network as an example, as it is not currently on any form of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Prime Video (but is currently available to stream on Starz).

This movie costs $3.99 to rent on iTunes (that you immediately rent from them), giving you a budget of $6 to spend on a drink and snack while watching it. Can it be done? Absolutely!

Pending you have your own car (which most people do), you’ll want to head out to a store like Target or Walmart and head over to the $1-2 bin of candy (I personally usually get a bag of Twizzlers for under $2).

So let’s say that you have your $2 snack item. Now comes the drink, which for money reasons, you’re going to pick out a soda. Let’s say you get the new Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola that was released earlier this year. You go to the counter and pay for your items (hopefully with Apple Pay) and then drive home.

Once you have arrived at home, turn on your Apple TV or movie-watching device, and start watching your movie.

Just like that, you were able to have a great night at home, got a cheap movie with some even cheaper snacks, and you probably saved yourself a lot of money by not going to the movie theater.

It really is this simple in 2019 to do this. Heck, I have been able to do it all with only a $5 budget, so yes, anything is possible when it comes to watching and streaming movies today.

I hope that this guides and helps you to hopefully be able to have the same results that I have had in the past when doing something exactly like this.

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