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Comment: Is Apple slowly killing off older Apple Watches?

watchOS 6 includes many breakthrough new features – Noise Detection, over six new watch faces, more customisation options for other watch faces and much more. However, most of the major features are only available to the latest Apple Watch Series 4 – which means most of the still-capable older models will be limited in terms of what they will offer.


For example, if you own a Watch Series 4, watchOS 6 will bring you six new watch faces, including a Noise infographic, Solar Dial and California Clock face. Apple Watch Series 3, on the other hand, and older models that support the update, only gain two, quite cool, but plain faces: Numerals Mono and Duo.

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Apple statergy is becoming quite clear – slowly limit the older models in what they can offer, so they seem less capable and out of date, enticing users to purchase the latest model (at the time of writing, Series 4 – new model due in September). The Watches are increasing in price, and many won’t find it necessary to upgrade each year or two, when they still have a device that supports the latest updates.


Currently, Apple is still supporting the Apple Watch Series 0, 1, 2 and 3, along with last year’s 4 that bought a new rounded design and screen with smaller bezels. You’ll find the first four generations, including the 3rd, quite cheap too. But, to many’s dismay, these won’t support the latest features that are exciting.

Apple did begin killing off older models with watchOS 5, where they showed off the live-saving ECG feature exclusive to the Series 4, and, again, watch faces that haven’t made it to the Series 3. It won’t be long before the Series 0 and 1 get removed from the support lineup and supported models will still drop in features. If you have a Series 4 now, Apple will force you to upgrade by removing good features.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the company does the same with older iPhones, but it’s more logical, and better on these more powerful devices, as older processors cannot cope with features such as ARKit, built for the Apple A11 and A12 chips. It’s like putting Windows 10 on a computer that struggles to run Windows 7 –  A bad choice!

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