Throwboy Discounts Entire Site After Jony Ive’s Departure

Throwboy is a website that is known for selling nerdy and geeky pillows, such as the Mac Finder icon, YouTube Subscribe button and Tumblr Reblog button in the form of pillows.


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The company also has the Iconic Pillow Collection that consists of pillows like the 1977 Apple II, Macintosh, 1998 iMac, original 2001 iPod and the original iPhone. YouTube content creator Justine Ezarik (iJustine) has an unboxing of the pillow collection too.


On top of that, the site additionally has some Apple-related “Think Different” shirts and a hat that has the Apple Command symbol on it.


After the recent departure of Jony Ive from Apple, the site has decided to give customers a discount in tribute to Ive. Ive was the guy who was part of the design team who helped design products like the 1998 iMac, multiple versions of the iPod and iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch, just to name a few.

In an email sent to customers, Throwboy founder and CEO Roberto Hoyos said this about Ive and his time at Apple:

“Thank you Sir Jony Ive for your creativity, risk-taking and incredible care. Your creations have left an impact on all of our lives and we salute you.”

The discount you can get on Throwboy’s products is 10 percent off with when using the code “JONY” at the checkout.

Throwboy does accept Apple Pay on their website, which can be accessed on the iPhone, iPad and the Mac too!

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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