The other day, we found out that Xiaomi has copied Apple yet again, with a feature called Mimoji, that, you guessed it, animates your face as an emoji. Now, the Chinese company has made matters much worse, by promoting it with an official Apple advert.


A user of the platform Weibo has shared screenshot evidence of retail pages promoting the Xiaomi CC9’s Mimoji feature with the Apple Music ‘Khalid and Memoji’ music advert. In addition to this, the company responded claiming that embedding this media was a ‘mistake’ and it has likely now been corrected.

Xu Jieyun, Xiaomi’s general manager for public relations, responded in a Weibo comment that the e-commerce mix-up was caused by staff “uploading the wrong content.”

The video obviously included the official Apple logo and trademarks all over, so if Xiaomi didn’t own up to the ‘mistake’, then there’s a chance that Apple could’ve sued.

The Chinese company has copied iOS and macOS’ Dynamic Wallpapers, the iPhone X design with a notch and vertical camera, and the AirPods, too. The Memoji clone is the next thing to be added to this evergrowing list.