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National Video Game Day Brings Free Delivery from McDonald’s via Uber Eats

Have that one video game that you have been playing all day or are going to play after you get off work for the day, but don’t want to make food for yourself? Well, prepare to save yourself some time and money with this offer from McDonald’s and UberEats.

Right now, because of National Video Game Day, consumers can get free delivery from UberEats for today only. This works for those who are both playing and not playing video games today and that there is no catch to this at all.

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Simply place your order with McDonald’s through the UberEats app and get a free delivery for today only.

To make it even better, UberEats does accept Apple Pay in their app now, so you will be able to pay with Apple Pay, get great food and get free delivery too. What’s better than that?


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