YouTube is currently giving students a great way to watch videos and listen to music when the school year begins later this month.

Students will be able to get three months of free YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. YouTube Premium allows for users to watch videos ad-free, downloading videos for offline usage, access to YouTube Originals and being able to play videos in the background.

YouTube Music is a lot like Google and YouTube’s version of Apple Music and Spotify. However, essentially, you can listen to music ad-free, download music for offline playing and to obviously listen to it in the background.

For students, after the free trial is over, the pricing will go to student pricing. YouTube Premium will go to $6.99 a month (regularly $11.99) and YouTube Music will go to $4.99 a month (regularly $9.99), allowing it to still compete with Apple Music and Spotify student discounts.

Both the YouTube and YouTube music apps are available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Only the YouTube app is available on the Apple TV. In order to play YouTube Music on the Apple TV, you must use AirPlay in order to do so.

To get to the student discount, simply click here for your convenience.

When verifying the fact that you are still a current student (you must be one in order to be a part of this promotion), you will need to either provide a valid student ID or your college transcripts.