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How to pay your Apple Card bill if you lost your iPhone.

Source: BuzzFeed News

Being as close as we are to the Apple Card release to the public, a lot of questions have appeared now that select individuals are now testing it. One of these predicaments that are bound to happen to some users is regarding the loss of your iPhone that is linked to your Apple card. Because of your Apple Card being associated with the Wallet app on your phone, all the payments for your card are done there, with no web alternative to make these movements on your account. This made a lot of consumers worry about what will happen if by some reason they happen to lose their device or if it gets stolen. Thanks to BuzzFeed News we now have an answer to this issue.

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After they messaged Apple Support, they received two official alternatives and things that users can do if they lose access to their device. The first one is to get access to your Wallet account so you can pay your bill and avoid late interest fees. Another alternative would be to get in touch with Apple Support, and they would get you in contact with a Goldman Sachs representative that will help you pay your credit card bill.

And those are the ways you can access to your card details and pay your bill without the iPhone you registered your card in. Are you planning on getting the Apple Card when it releases to the public? Does this give you piece of mind now that there are ways to pay your bill on another device? Tell us your opinion down below.


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