Apple Pay reportedly expanding to Poland tomorrow

A news source has reported that Apple Pay is being released and rolled out in Poland

This could be as early as tomorrow, June 19th. 8 banks will be supported for Apply Pay right of the bat. Those 8 banks being the following:

Alior, BGŻ BNP Paribas, BZ WBK, Getin, mBank, Nest Bank, Pekao and Raiffeisen Polbank.

Only 8 banks will be supported in the opening release of Apple Pay support. However, it is also reported that more banks will be added and supported by September of this year. These other banks may possibly include PKO BP. PKO BP coincidentally happens to be Poland’s largest retail bank. It would be quite a positive thing for Apple Pay to be supported in this bank for Poland residents who live near this retail bank.

In May, Apple did add support for Apple Pay in Ukraine. Apple has promptly been adding support for more banks in the US and many other countries. Apple Pay has been quite successful so far as expected. Thousands of shops and retail stores now support Apple Pay and its fluid, prompt service. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, mentioned earlier this year that Apple Pay would be rolling out to several countries. These several countries did indeed include Poland. Hence why we are not that surprised that Apple Pay support for banks in Poland in now being rolled out.

Important to Note (if you didn’t know already):

Apple Pay is supported on iPhone 6 or later, any variation of Apple Watch, iPads with Touch ID, and the MacBook Pros with Touch Bar. With iPhone and Apple Watch, you’re able to make contactless payments in-store in addition to online and in-apps. With iPads and MacBook Pros you’re able to use the service online in addition to supported apps.


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Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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