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CBS Programming to Come to Pluto TV

Due to yesterday’s merger between both Viacom and CBS, it now means that CBS is going to have some of its programming be shown on their own channel on Pluto TV.

Pluto TV was recently purchased by Viacom this year and as a result, we have seen Viacom channels such as Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central all create channels for the video streaming on the platform.

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It should be noted that CBS currently does have their CBSN 24/7 live-streaming news network on Pluto TV, as well as CNET TV (CBS is the parent company to CNET), which shows tech news, reviews and more on its channel.

It has not been said yet what type of programming CBS would bring to its own Pluto TV channel, whether that be some of its current programs like Young Sheldon, Mom or Jesus Friended Me, or if this would be a place to show old CBS shows like The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men or Jericho.

Needless to say that the streaming game is getting more interesting, especially with Apple launching their own TV streaming service, Apple TV+, this fall. We will also see Disney launch Disney+ this fall too, which will be a huge competitor with Apple TV+.

Additionally, for 2020, HBO is going to be launching HBO Max next spring that is set to be the exclusive streaming provider for Friends. NBC will also be launching their own streaming service next spring too, which will eventually be the exclusive streaming home of The Office in 2021.

Meanwhile, we still do not know what ViacomCBS plans to do about CBS All Access, which is either going to get more content added to it and get better as a service overall or not receive much attention immediately from ViacomCBS.


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