Southwest Airlines has officially made Apply Pay a payment method in their app, which will allow for customers to buy tickets for flights, according to Digital Transactions.

Previously, the only way to do it through their app was to either enter your card information manually or pay with other third-party payment methods like PayPal.

However, it seems as though with Apple Pay becoming more and more popular, as well as with the release of the Apple Card last month, Southwest Airlines has jumped onto the Apple Pay bandwagon.


Christopher Priebe, Southwest director of treasury, payments and risks said in a statement:

“The launch of Apple Pay enhances our ability to sell flights, as well as ancillary products using one of the most widely used digital wallets in North America.”

Apple Pay users can use Apple Pay as a payment method in both the iPhone and iPad apps from the airline in the App Store. However, Southwest Airlines’s website does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method at this time.