Apple announced the 7th generation iPad after approximately 6 months of the announcement of the iPad 6. This new iPad brings in fresh features. This iPad is going to be very fruitful for students. Have a look at the features below:

Larger Display:

The new iPad 7 features a larger 10.2 inch display since larger displays are always welcomed.

Smart Connector:

The iPad 7 features a smart connector which helps you connect to the smart keyboard. Earlier on the iPad 6, there was no connector and you had to use a bluetooth keyboard.


This iPad 7 features a A10 fusion chip which is upto twice as fast than the best modern PC’s.


This iPad has a 10 hour battery life which can get you going throughout your day.


The iPad 7th Generation starts at $329 and for students it starts at $299. You can order this iPad at right away.