Apple TV App Arrives on Roku Ahead of Apple TV+ Launch

If you’ve been browsing the Netflix content library recently, you may have noticed something. There doesn’t seem to be nearly as much to watch as there used to, and Netflix is heavily promoting and investing in their original programming. As Netflix’s library seems to diminish by the hour, new streaming services are springing up left and right. One of which is Apple TV+.

Apple’s new streaming service focuses on their notably high-budget productions such as The Morning Show which costs almost double per-episode what Game of Thrones did. Apple’s new service is slated to launch on November 1.

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Apple TV… Now on Roku?

A key part of building a dominant streaming service is accessibility across platforms– a feature that seems out of character for Apple, considering their ‘ecosystem’ business strategy. But, they’ve realized not everyone has an Apple device or is a candidate to buy one. Apple needs devices other than their own to pose serious competition to Netflix and Hulu. So earlier this week, the Apple TV app debuted on Roku devices.

In addition to viewing Apple TV+ content, the new Roku app will be capable of playing purchased content from iTunes and allow you to subscribe to other paid streaming services including HBO and Starz among others– functionality which is similar to that of the TV app on Apple’s own devices. Thankfully, on your Roku, you can still take advantage of Apple TV’s smoking deal of a price, running you a mere $4.99 per month.

Is My Roku Supported?IMAGE 2019-10-16 20:07:41

It’s a pretty safe bet that your Roku device is supported, as the new Apple TV app will be available on most modern Rokus, excluding a few older models. But just in case, we’ve included a chart so you can make sure your Roku is compatible. And as for geographical availability: Is the Apple TV app available in your country? Most likely. It’s available in almost every developed country.

Should I Subscribe to Apple TV+?

If you’re wondering whether or not this new streaming service right for you, you don’t have to. Just take out a free one-month trial available once Apple TV+ takes off. And if you like it? As mentioned, the service costs hardly $5 per month. So, with all the bells and whistles of the $15 monthly Netflix plan, it’s a great choice. Think about it: Switching from the most expensive Netflix plan to the one and only Apple TV+ plan will shave $120 off your yearly cost of streaming video. Would you look at that! For once, Apple is saving your money, not spending it.

Article originally written by new Appleosophy writer, Jake Russo

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