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iOS 13.2 is bricking HomePods

If you own a HomePod, and updated it to iOS 13.2, you may have experienced issues with your HomePod. Some features might not work correctly, and some HomePods may get into a constant bootloop. These issues are effecting several users across the globe. One person on Twitter claims that he updated his HomePod to iOS 13.2 and then decided to reset it. It was now stuck on a bootloop, and it reboots every 6 seconds.

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Thankfully, Apple has pulled this update until they had fixed these issues and they may re-release it once the issue is patched.

For now, Apple has advised users whose HomePods are on iOS 13.2 to not reset it.

Apple is telling some customers to bring their HomePods to authorized service centers for a replacement.

For now, just don’t reset your HomePod.

Stay tuned to Appleosophy for more news on this.

Pururaj Dutta

Author: Pururaj Dutta

Vice President of Redfruit Media

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