You’re gonna like and hate this feature on the new Smart battery Case

Apple has released it’s Smart Battery case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These devices are already too battery efficient to get a smart battery case! The battery life on the iPhone 11 Pro series is outstanding and it can easily last longer than a day on normal usage. Users report that their iPhone 11 Pro Max provides them with a two-day battery life. This Smart Battery Case will be making your iPhone last even longer. Apple says that this case increases the battery life for upto 50%

There is one amazing feature on these new cases, which is a dedicated button for the camera on the right-hand side of the case.

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Source: Apple

According to Apple, you can launch the camera app on your iPhone when you press this button whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked, A quick press of the dedicated camera button clicks a photo and a long press of the button captures a QuickTake video.

The only thing you’re gonna hate about this is the fact that the function of the button cannot be customized. You may not be able to change the function of the button from the camera to any other app or function.

Apple’s “Smart” battery case continuously charges your iPhone, which may lead to heating. Like other battery manufacturers, they should have also added a dedicated button or a function within the iPhone itself to enable or disable charging.

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Apple releases new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11 Pro: http://

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