Burger King, a restaurant that is very well-known in the United States, has apparently pulled Apple Pay support from its iOS app over the last week after updating the UI of it.

According to a post on Reddit, Burger King has dropped Apple Pay support from its app. The only way that users can pay for their meals through the app now is by manually typing in a credit card number into the user’s account and using that as the payment method.

There has been one tweet about the new app update, with the tweet noting that Burger King should bring back Apple Pay support to it:

Burger King does still accept Apple Pay in their restaurants, so if push comes to shove and not only do you want a Whopper but also want to pay for it with Apple Pay, going to one of their locations and paying for it with Apple Pay is still an option.

Other fast-food apps like McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell and Jimmy John’s all accept Apple Pay, so it is truly unknown why Burger King would pull a move like this.

Are you disappointed in Burger King pulling ApplePay support from their app? Was it something you used often? Let us know in the comments below!