How to Stream “Friends” in 2020

Appleosophy|How to Stream
Appleosophy|How to Stream "Friends" in 2020
How to Stream “Friends” in 2020

Very soon, Friends will no longer be there for you…on Netflix. That is right! The series will be leaving Netflix on January 1, 2020.

It may not be the best way to begin the New Year or the new decade, but the good news is that there are still going to be some ways to stream Friends in 2020 without Netflix.

The first method to do this will be through the TBS app. It will not contain all of the seasons of the series but will have the recently aired episode that the networks show as reruns throughout the day and week. To watch them, you will have to sign in with your TV provider credentials.

For those that have live TV streaming services like Sling TV or YouTube TV, Friends will be available on the TBS on-demand.

Another way to stream the series would be to simply purchase it from iTunes. It is currently available on there for $139.99.

What makes this method one of the best methods is that once you purchase it, it is yours forever. Plus, you can switch between seasons from the Apple TV app on any Apple device you have with the app on it.

HBO Max will be getting the show for streaming when it launches in May 2020. It will contain all 10 seasons of the series.

It may not be ideal, but even with the series off Netflix and a few months until goes on HBO Max, there will still be ways to stream the show without those streaming services in 2020.

Appleosophy|How to Stream
Author: David Becker

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