Standgate? Some M1 iMacs with Crooked Stands Begin to be Seen in the Wild

Whenever Apple releases a new product, there’s sometimes an issue that gains wide attention. Notable examples include the iPhone 4’s “antenna-gate”, iPhone 6’s “bend-gate”, and MacBook Pro’s “flex-gate”.

It’s been weeks since the M1 iMac made its public release, but some unlucky customers have begun to receive models with stands that make the screen rest crooked when placed on a flat surface. Some may not notice this defect at first, but it becomes apparent once the machine has leveler placed on top of its display.

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YouTuber iPhonedo first reported this issue, and afterwards, some iMac owners took their complaints to Reddit and the Apple Support Community.

At the time of this writing, Apple hasn’t acknowledge the issue, so it remains unclear if this is a manufacturing defect or something else.

If you happen to have a crooked machine and you’re not happy, you can try to return it Apple within the return policy of 14 days, or you can contact AppleCare for a replacement.

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Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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