Barnes and Noble adds Apple’s Business Chat in Apple Maps

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Appleosophy | Barnes and Noble adds Apple's Business Chat in Apple Maps
Barnes and Noble

The times of being holding your iPhone on hold with a business are slowly coming to an end.

Apple has a feature called Business Chat through iMessage, which essentially enables users of Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad, to text businesses when they have a question. In fact, Apple has its Business Chat service set up for services like Apple Card so that users can text a representative instead of being on the phone with them.

It would appear as though that the popular book retailer Barnes and Noble has added Business Chat to its stores and customer service line.

The way how to do this is simply look for Barnes and Noble in Apple Maps. Once you have found the location that you want, you have a list of options available to you, with one of those options being to text them. To do so, you tap the Message icon and you should be able to message that store from there.


It really is that simple. This is a great way for you, the customer, to be able to get the information you need from one of its stores and also not have to be holding your phone up to your ear while being on hold. You can text them and wait for a response.

Over the years, Barnes and Noble has introduced new Apple tech in its stores, such as accepting Apple Pay. This means that users can not only pay with Apple Pay in the stores, but when using Apple Card, customers can get two percent back in Daily Cash when using their iPhone or Apple Watch to purchase their items.

To this day, even though the company’s stores accept Apple Pay in them, the Barnes and Noble website still does not accept it. Right now, the only ways to pay through their website is to type in your credit/debit card information or pay with either PayPal or MasterCard’s Masterpass payment method.

Are you going to be using Business Chat through iMessage to contact your local Barnes and Noble store? Have you tried it to see if you’ve have any luck with it? Let us know in the comments!

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