iOS 13.5 bug prevents users from launching some apps

Apple released iOS 13.5 to the public just two days back, and it has been causing errors upon launching apps for some users who have reported this issue on Social Media Platforms.

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According to this Twitter user, the YouTube App refuses to launch and comes up with an error message – “This app is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must. buy it from the App Store.” The only options available for the user are ‘View in App Store’ and ‘Cancel’. Since YouTube is a Free App on the App Store, there’s no iCloud Family Sharing in this case. If the organizer of the iCloud Family chooses not to share a paid app with a user anymore, this prompt should come up but in this case, it is a Free App so this might just be an issue with Apple’s servers and not iCloud but they have not confirmed this issue in their System Status page.

Another user has shared this issue on Twitter and claims that many of his apps are showing this error upon launching them to which Apple Support replied.

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Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

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