“Toy Story 4” now available on Disney+

Appleosophy | "Toy Story 4" now available on Disney+
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One of the biggest movies of last summer is now finally on a streaming service. That movie is Toy Story 4.

The film stars a lot of the original cast like Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), Joan Cusack (Jessie), Wallace Shawn (Rex), John Ratzenberger (Hamm) and Don Rickles (Mr. Potatoe Head).

What makes Rickles’s voice even more significant in this film is that he passed away in 2017 before he was supposed to start recording his lines for the movie. Disney and Pixar had to go in its archived audio recordings of him in order to get his character’s lines for Toy Story 4.

The film itself made over $1 billion dollars. In addition to that, it has won and been nominated for several awards, including two Academy Awards. The Academy Awards this year will be held on February 9, 2020, so that will be the event where people will find out if the movie will win an Oscar or two.

On top of Toy Story 4 now being on Disney+, the Disney+ original Lamp Life is also now available on Disney+. It is all about the life of Bo Peep after she was given away in-between Toy Story 2 and 3. However, unlike the mainstream Toy Story movies, Tom Hanks’s brother Jim Hanks will be the one doing the voice of Woody instead of Tom.

Disney+ costs $6.99 per month and the bundle (including ad-supported Hulu and ESPN+) costs $12.99 per month. It is available to stream on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. You can see our review of the service and the bundle for it too.

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