Tribute: Modern Family’s “Connection Lost” episode five years later

Appleosophy|Tribute: Modern Family's
Appleosophy|Tribute: Modern Family's "Connection Lost" episode five years later
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While Modern Family is supposed to be ending in a few weeks from now, but as of today, it has been five years since their episode “Connection Lost” aired on ABC and was produced by 20th Century FOX.

The episode is all about three of the families in the show communicating through FaceTime and trying to find out whether the oldest daughter in the main family, Hailey, got married in Las Vegas.

What makes this episode stand out is that it is all done from the screen of one of the mother’s MacBook Air’s. She dropped her iPhone in the toilet and broke it, so that’s why she can only use her MacBook to message and video chat with her family.

This episode also came out just a few months after the release of macOS Yosemite, which as we all know was one of the biggest design changes in the history of the operating system.

Another thing that should be known about this episode when it comes to Yosemite’s look in it is that although it looks real on the screen, it was actually all made by people who worked on the episode when it was in its editing phase.

Everything in the episode just seems to be real and authentic, despite everything being fake when you actually watch the behind-the-scenes video. However, it does make you appreciate the process of filmmaking and the true art that it is. Plus, it was shot on with iPhones, so it’s not completely fake.

I thought the idea of including Find my iPhone to track Hailey’s iPhone was a nice touch to the episode (and that her password was her favorite literary character, Snoopy!).

Personally, I did see some flaws in the animations of Yosemite in this episode, such as when Claire is minimizing tabs. Instead of the tabs going to the right side of the dock, it goes inside the app where it is on the dock.

It would have been cool too if Claire had used Apple Pay to buy Mitch his birthday gift, but I don’t think that Apple Pay was available on the Mac at the time, and that not only would she not have her iPhone to verify the payment, but that her MacBook Air was not the 2018 MacBook Air with Touch ID on it.

Modern Family‘s “Connection Lost” episode can be purchased on the Apple TV app for $2.99. Sadly, the episode and the series is currently not available on a streaming service at this time.

The series is expected to come to an end in April 2020 after 11 seasons on ABC.

Appleosophy|Tribute: Modern Family's
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|Tribute: Modern Family's
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