Foxconn Recruited enough workers to Satisfy “seasonal demand,” report says

Nikkei‘s new article reports that Foxconn has recruited enough workers to satisfy “seasonal demand.” This could suggest that Foxconn has basically recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak, fully restored production capacity, and started planning for mass production of the upcoming iPhone 12, which is expected to be available later this fall.

Taiwan’s Foxconn, the top assembler of Apple’s iPhones, said it has secured enough workers to meet “seasonal demand” at all major Chinese plants, stressing a steady recovery from the labor shortage caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic on the mainland.

Under normal conditions, the new iPhone will be launched in September and mass production will start in July. However, due to the pandemic, some workers weren’t able to return from their Lunar New Year break. Thus, in February, Foxconn’s production capacity recovered by just around 50 percent, and this may take some time to recover completely.

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Bloomberg reported last week that the iPhone 12 will still be released this fall, which basically display same message as today’s report. While Foxconn’s production capacity has been restored, other Apple suppliers are still affected by the coronavirus pandemic and it is unclear if the iPhone 12 will be delayed.

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