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TV shows you could be streaming during the coronavirus pandemic

Streaming is the thing that literally everyone is doing in the United States right now because of the coronavirus pandemic that is going on within it.

The good thing is that there are plenty of choices to choose from in which type of show you want to watch. Yes, this is similar to our weekly Streaming Picks here, but this one is going to be more elaborate.

TV shows:

  • “Last Man Standing”: New episodes air each week on Thursdays on FOX. The day after the new episodes air, they are put on the FOX NOW app and Hulu. Hulu has seasons 1-7 available too.
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  • “Young Sheldon”: Again, new episodes of this show air Thursday nights on CBS. The day after their air, they are available to stream on CBS All Access. Seasons two and three are available to stream on CBS All Access too.


  • “The Big Bang Theory”: This one seems a bit difficult, but in actuality, it is not. You can stream select episodes of the show in the TBS app. If you have a live TV streaming service like Sling TV, you can access the TBS on-demand to stream episodes on there.


  • “Supernatural”: All 14 seasons of this show can be streamed on Netflix. Episodes from the 15th season can be streamed from The CW app too.


  • “iCarly” and “Zoey 101”: All of the seasons of these classic Nickelodeon shows can be streamed on the NickHits streaming service.


  • “Drake and Josh”: Hulu has the entire series available to stream.


  • “Seinfeld”: you can stream this entire series on Hulu.


  • “Friends”: Yes, you can still stream the series without Netflix or HBO Max. To do so, find out here.


  • “Game of Thrones”: All eight seasons of this series can be streamed on HBO GO and HBO NOW.


  • “The Newsroom”, “Silicon Valley” and “Veep”: Every one of these shows can also be streamed on HBO GO and HBO NOW.


  • “Looking for Alaska”: This Hulu Original series can be found (obviously) on Hulu.

Those are just some of the TV shows we are listing off that you can watch right now via network television, network television apps and streaming services.

America may be going through one of its worse crises in the 21st century, but on the bright side, the American people at least have something else to watch other than the news.

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