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T-Mobile now letting customers pay their bills with Apple Pay

T-Mobile customers are now being allowed to pay their bills with Apple Pay.

This is a big deal for customers, as Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods to pay your monthly bill.

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Another part of this that is great is that those with Apple Card can get three percent in Daily Cash every month just for paying their phone bill. T-Mobile is one of the few businesses in the United States where users of Apple Card can get that three percent in Daily Cash.

Technically, Apple Card can be used to pay for just about any bill out there, but since most places don’t accept Apple Pay as a form of payment method for bills, customers are left to manually type in their Apple Card info on a website or in an app. This is all fine at the end of the day, but that customer will only get one percent in Daily Cash for doing it that way.

Please note that this will only work for paying your monthly and will not be an accepted payment method in its app or website when purchasing smartphones or accessories through them online.

Right now, T-Mobile is the only phone carrier that enables its customers to pay their bills with Apple Pay.

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