The leaked, new 13″ MacBook Pro could be coming in the following weeks.

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Appleosophy | The leaked, new 13"  MacBook Pro could be coming in the following weeks.
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Ever since the introduction of the internet as we know it, rumors and leaks have been spread all over it. Apple being one of the biggest and most popular companies in the world is not inmune to these. Lately, lots of speculation has been created around the new lower-end iPhone, that might be just one of the products the guys at Cupertino are hiding from us.

According to a new leak made by famous tech journalist and YouTube, Jon Prosser, the 2020 MacBook lineup could get another model as soon as next month.

The existence of a new 13″ MacBook Pro has been teased in the past by different leaks and rumors. Some of the features that expected to be included in this new update are the new Magic Keyboard, a bigger 14″ screen and an improved processor, as well as better thermal system. Of course, this model hasn’t been confirmed or denied by any Apple representative, but these features are grounded in reality, based on the latest Apple product refreshes.

This would mean that the 2019 13″ MacBook Pro would be discontinued,  but it would also usher new features into what is arguably the most popular model from the Pro lineup. Bringing these quality-of-life features over to the smaller model could make it the best Pro notebook on the market.

Personally, as the user of a 2019 13″ model, I don’t think Apple is leaving users behind, while at the same time delivering the best experience in a laptop in the market. Also, it could make some people get their first macOS computer, getting more users in Apple’s install base. 

What do you think about these new changes? Will you be updating your old MacBook? Or did you get a 2019 model like myself? Do you think a bigger screen is enough of a deal to upgrade your new model? Tell us your opinion down below.


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