Apple Pay now accepted at Sheetz gas station pumps

One of the biggest convenient store and gas station chains in the northeastern United States is turning on contactless payment methods.

Sheetz has sent a message to subscribers of its Sheetz Card in the Sheetz app that the company is now planning on accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods at its gas pumps.

The notice Sheetz Card subscribers have been getting in the Sheetz app today 
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By doing this, it also means that those who use Apple Card will get two percent back in Daily Cash with purchases made at the gas pump at Sheetz.

The company notes that data security is important to them. Additionally, accepting Apple Pay at its pumps is another way for the company to keep its customers secure and its gas pumps cleaner, since Apple Pay is a tap-to-pay payment method and does not require touching the screen.



David Becker
Author: David Becker

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