The iPhone SE (2nd Generation) is environmentally friendly

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Appleosophy | The iPhone SE (2nd Generation) is environmentally friendly
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The iPhone SE was announced on Wednesday, April 15th via a Press release. This was one of the most rumored devices since a long time. Nothing stops Apple from putting in their efforts into prevention of environmental damage.

Apple is making huge efforts in order to reduce environmental harm. With this iPhone SE, Apple claims that:

a) The Taptic Engine is manufactured with 100% recycled Rare Earth Materials.

b) The iPhone SE Logic Board is soldered with 100% recycled tin.

c) The Enclosure of the refreshed iPhone SE is manufactured with low carbon recyclable Aluminium.

d) The iPhone SE has 35% or more recycled plastic in various components

e) It has an Arsenic-free display glass, Mercury-free display and BFR, PVC-, beryllium-free.

f) The iPhone SE meets the battery & charging standards of the U.S. Department of Energy

g) The packaging is made with virgin wood fiber and 100% of it comes from responsibly managed forests. Most of the packaging contains the virgin wood fiber and the packaging is recyclable.

h) The final assembly manufacturing unit does not generate any waste which needs to be sent for landfill and the suppliers are transitioning to a 100% renewable energy source to produce Apple Products.

The iPhone SE (2nd Generation) has the same iPhone 8 design which means that the iPhone 8 body and display’s which were yet be assembled may be reused in order to save out on materials, which eventually is a preventive measure from environmental waste.

Read our in-depth article about the iPhone SE (2nd Generation) here.

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