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Review: Views 4 is a revolutionary news feed app

When someone typically says “a revolutionary newsfeed app”, most of the time what follows is a lack-luster, underperforming RSS app, which just copies news articles from the big news corporations of 2020. But that’s where Views 4 contradicts this. This app is the archetype of the modern news app, adding a new fun and playful feel to even the most serious of news.

Views 4 Introduction

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With an intuitive app interface, Views 4 offers a unique experience which hasn’t been offered by any other newsfeed app I’ve used before. This is enforced by the swift animations when scrolling though the array of articles, offered by the custom algorithm, coded by the developer Sai Kambampati.

Despite this, there are only the ‘big’ news companies on the app’s algorithm so far, so unfortunately independent or rising news sources (Appleosophy ????) aren’t available yet within the app.

Views 4 Main Screen

On the contrary, Sai has made a great effort to integrate the Apple Podcasts platform, allowing podcasts to be listened to — even with a built in sleep timer, so you can listen to your favorite podcast before you sleep!

An even better feature of Views 4, is the use of the unified Swift platform to also offer an iMac, Apple Watch and iOS app which can display your customised news feed on any device. What’s even better, is the feature to change font stylings and also the app’s theme, with a choice from:

  • “Purple and Ferb”
  • “The Big Blue Theory”
  • “Parks and Red”
  • “Green in the Wind”
  • “The Goldfather”
  • “Back to the Fuscia”

All of these themes each come with their own version of the Views 4 logo and are unified across the app’s experience.

Views 4 Press Image

Conclusion (Opinion)

To really say that this app is basic is invalid, through the well thought out design to the streamlined and multi-platform experience Views 4 is definitely an app worth trying out, especially with no repetitive purchases after paying a mere $4.99 for the app. Which I can appriciate, given the time put into the app and also the fact that Sai Kambampati is an independent developer, rather than some main-stream media association.

The app can be downloaded by going to our Apps page, where you will be taken to

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