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Apple maps now shows COVID-19 testing sites in US

Today, Apple has released a brief upgrade to the well-known Apple Maps, and now they most of the places for COVID-19 testing are marked across US.

At the moment, all the hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and dedicated testing sites, which are available on the Apple Maps, fall into the new “COVID-19 Testing” category, and now they are prioritized, alongside the other essential categories such as grocery stores and more.

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The category also includes various useful informations and links, such as a link to the COVID-19 Screening Tool, special requirements the institution might have, and details regarding appointments.

The new feature comes as Apple is in the process of building an ambitious contact tracing technique that would use Bluetooth to notify users if they’ve come across with infected ones and further instructions on what to do next.

Mihnea Bondor

Author: Mihnea Bondor

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