The top streaming services you should be using during the pandemic

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Appleosophy | The top streaming services you should be using during the pandemic
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The coronavirus pandemic has entered its second month here in the United States and with that comes more and more opportunities to stream TV.

For streamers, the good news is that we have plenty of suggestions for you. Here are our following recommendations:

  • Netflix: This should be an obvious choice at this point. It has some of the most original content from a streaming service provider and still has plenty of good ones to come this month and into the summer.


  • Hulu: Honestly, Hulu is probably one of the best streaming services on the market today because of how affordable it is and the amount of content it has added even over the last couple of years.


  • Prime Video: Amazon Prime has some great features and one of those features is Prime Video. Not only does it have plenty of original content to choose from, but it has plenty of other top tier TV shows and movies to choose from.


  • Disney+: This is place to be for those who are looking to stream some of the best movies in cinema history, as well as classic Disney Channel original shows and movies. And for only $6.99 a month, that’s not a bad price.


  • NickHits: Not many know about this streaming service and the best part is that it is available through Apple TV Channels for just $7.99 a month. It has popular classic and current Nickelodeon shows such as “iCarly,” “Spongebob Squarepants” and “Zoey 101.” You can see our review of it here.


  • Hallmark Movies Now: The temporary free trial on Sling TV and other streaming services is ending this month. Hallmark Movies Now will not provide all of the movies that Hallmark Channel airs weekly, but it will provide some, as well as other movies the company has made over the years.


  • Apple TV+: Apple’s TV streaming service is getting better with new TV series like “Defending Jacob.” It is available (after a week-long free trial) for $4.99 a month.


  • Yippee TV: For the kids, this service is designed to be the true “YouTube for kids.” Not only does it have parent-approved videos for kids to watch, but original content such as “Veggie Tales” and “Yonas Gets a Job.”


  • CBS All Access: Whether you’re a fan of “Star Trek” or like other CBS shows such as “Man With a Plan,” “Young Sheldon” or “Hawaii Five-O,” there is always something to watch on this streaming service. It even has classic CBS TV shows such as “Jericho” and all 11 seasons of “Cheers.” Additionally, it has kids programming too like “Danny Phantom,” “Bob the Builder” and “Sam and Cat.”


  • Mystery bonus: Make sure you’re also checking other TV streaming services such as Tubi, Vudu and Crackle, as they all have ad-supported content available when watching movies or TV shows, which makes them free to watch for viewers.
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