Apple has released a new “Apple Books for Authors”webpage

Apple has released a new Apple Books webpage for authors. This website has many useful resources which will help authors write, publish, market and sell their books or audiobooks.

The home page of the “Apple Books for Authors” website has six options:

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1. Write Your Book: Apple has given many tips for the manuscript, structural development, plot development, and character development. These tips are given by various reputed authors.

Source: Apple

2. Prepare your Book: Apple has given tips on finalizing your manuscript on this section. Apple has provided various platforms where you manuscript can be finalized.

Source: Apple

3. Publish Your Book: Once you’re ready to publish your book, Apple has provided steps, tips and formats you can use to publish the book.

Source: Apple

4. Audiobooks: Apple has mentioned the benefits of publishing an Audiobook through Apple Books.

Source: Apple

5. Market: Apple has provided many tips on marketing books through offers and Social Media. Due to increasing users on social media, using Social Media is a great and effective way to market books.

Source: Apple

6. Sales and Reporting: Apple Books gives an author the ability to use functional tools to track sales and reports. They offer 70% royalties on all your eBooks.

Apple has also listed the reasons for Apple Books being better than Kindle Direct Publishing. Have a look at them below:

Source: Apple

You can directly visit the website by clicking on this link:

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