Apple to momentarily close majority of U.S. Apple Stores due to recent riots and looting

It has been decided by the folks at Apple that they will once again be closing its retail stores in the United States due to the recent protests, riots and looting over the death of Floyd George.

Apple Stores across the country have watched as their glass fronts have been broken, doors destroyed and products vanished within minutes of people getting in the stores after hours.

An Apple Store in Minneapolis gets boarded before protestors showed up to break-in and steal devices and products from the store. Photo provided by Hannah Lindstrom

The company said in a statement and explained why it has decided to go this route:

“With the health and safety of our teams in mind, we’ve made the decision to keep a number of our stores in the US closed on Sunday.”

This is the second time this year that Apple has had to close its stores due to a national tragedy. The first one is still the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, Apple did eventually reopen some of those stores this month.

Note that at this time, the stores are only going to be closed on Sunday at this time, and it is unknown if stores across the country will open tomorrow or later this week. It will all depend on the number of protests and riots still going on in the country and the severity of them.

We will let you know when Apple decides to reopen its U.S. Apple Stores again.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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