Rumor: Home Depot could be getting Apple Pay support

It has been discovered through an Appleosophy employee that Home Depot has added new card readers to some of its stores.

What makes this interesting is the card reader Home Depot has put out on its registers is that the card readers are an Ingenico Lane/7000, which has the ability for contactless transactions.

The Ingenico Lane/7000 card readers that are now at select Home Depot stores across the country
The new Ingenico Lane/7000 card reader

It could mean that the company could be taking steps to bring Apple Pay support and contactless payments overall to its stores.

Home Depot has not said anything about accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods in its stores, but that’s why this is just a rumor.

Although Home Depot has been a company that has been on the holdout for contactless payments, perhaps the coronavirus pandemic has made the company open to the idea of accepting it since it enables customers to not pay with dirty money and not spread the virus to other customers and employees.

It should be noted that Home Depot in Canada does accept Apple Pay in its stores, as revealed by a tweet by Home Depot store in Canada.

Apple Maps for Canadian Home Depot also shows that the stores up there do accept Apple Pay in them.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 10.19.36 PM
A Home Depot store in Canada that accepts Apple Pay in it

Companies such as Dollar Tree, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Vitamin Shoppe, Spinx and others have started accepting Apple Pay in their stores during the pandemic.

Are you excited about the possibility of Home Depot accepting Apple Pay in its stores? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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1 year ago

i can answer this, they don’t have it, card or cash only

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