iPadOS 14 Concepts

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
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In less than a week, one of Apple’s biggest events of the year will take place, WWDC. This is a major event where Apple will announce iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 10.16, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14. We have designed concepts for iPadOS 14 and what we think the next major release could look like – taking into account community requested features that Apple could implement in the future.

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
Lock Screen Concept by Anton Bulzomi/Appleosophy

Multiple user accounts on iPad have been a much-requested feature for a long time, especially for educational institutions or families who share a device. This concept is based off a redesigned lock screen, with a new clean & modern look and multiple user accounts.

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
Home Screen Concept by Anton Bulzomi/Appleosophy

Introduced in iPadOS 13 today view or known as Sidebar which provides users a quick glance of their widgets. The new home screen concept includes a redesigned sidebar with customizable widgets such as Activity and Weather. Along with the sidebar, the dock gained some new features including quick access media controls and device battery information, which can be interchanged and customized.

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
Control Centre Concept by Anton Bulzomi/Appleosophy

Control Center was given a fresh, clean and modern revamp. Modules such as messages, mail, and weather can be added along with activity and battery. Modules can be re-colored, re-arranged and customized

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
Messages Concept by Anton Bulzomi/Appleosophy

Messages were given a fresh look. The message concept now has chat folders a feature found in popular messaging applications such as Telegram. Folders will help users organize and easily find chats. Within the chats themselves, users now have a clean, modern, and visible chat bubble.

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
FaceTime Concept by Anton Bulzomi/Appleosophy

FaceTime was given a fresh look, similar to messages, with rounded corners and a modern and clean look, following the theme of the iPadOS 14 concept. The redesigned popup includes new quick action features, such as allowing users to easily send a message to the group and individuals. The tiles have also been redesigned following the design cues of the iPadOS 14 concept.

Alongside doing these concepts, we have also done some special wallpapers for WWDC and our brands, TechPod Social, Appleosophy and Appleosophy Media. We highly recommend you check them out on our Wallpapers page!

Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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Appleosophy|iPadOS 14 Concepts
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