Ming Chi Kuo: Charger & Headphones Will Not Be Included with iPhone 12

Notable tech analyst and famed leaker Ming Chi Kuo reported earlier last week that Apple would be reducing the size of its iPhone packaging for the new iPhone 12 which is expected to be released this fall. Additionally, Kuo noted that Apple also has plans to remove EarPods from the iPhone 12 packaging with further rumors citing an included 20W power adapter instead of the 18W power brick currently included with the iPhones 11 models. 

Today Kuo is reporting that Apple will be removing both the power brick and EarPods from the iPhone 12 packaging in an effort to reduce the size and weight of the box. While slimmer iPhone packaging would require less materials and surely fall in line with Apple’s eco-friendly values, Apple would also save on shipping costs as a result of the change. This updated packaging design is presumably being implemented to offset the cost of the 5G modems that are expected to be included in the new iPhone 12 models. By not bundling extra hardware in the box, Apple hopes to maintain a similar if not lower price point for the iPhone 12 compared to the iPhone 11.

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While anyone who has purchased an iPhone within the last 4 years likely has a pair of lighting EarPods on hand, wireless Bluetooth headphones such as AirPods have also become ubiquitous. Perhaps Apple does not see the need to include headphones with modern flagship smartphones given the trade-off would allow them to effectively offset the “5G tax” that we’ve seen several Android smartphones suffer from. In addition, anyone who has purchased an iPhone or iPad within the last decade surely owns several power adapters which will likely be compatible with newer iPhones. It should be noted that Apple’s rumored 20W option will offer fast charging and likely come at a premium cost if not included in the box. 

If purchased separately, the total cost of all the accessories that Apple is allegedly planning to remove from the iPhone 12 packaging comes out to $63 on Apple’s website. The question remains whether Apple will opt to forgo the inclusion of these accessories come later this year when the iPhone 12 is revealed. Which accessories if any would you purchase separately if Apple makes these changes? Are you willing to sacrifice a handful of accessories for a somewhat reasonably-priced 5G smartphone? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter @Appleosophy 

Brahm Shank
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