New Apple Card program launched to help declined applicants get approved

Apple recently launched a new program that is designed to help applicants whose Apple Card application was declined and help them improve their credit to be eligible.

Applicants who were declined will receive an email about Apple’s new ‘Path to Apple Card’ program. The new program is optional and previous applicants can choose to opt-in to Apple’s new program.

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The ‘Path to Apple Card’ program uses previous information from the initial application, which is used to help applicants by giving them suggestions and tips on how to improve their credit and their chances towards being approved.

Image Credit: MacRumors

When a declined applicant completes the program, Apple invites the customer to re-apply for Apple Card. Alongside the new program, Apple has also launched a new website which details the way the Goldman Sachs approval procedure works, and the ways applicants can increase the probability to be eligible for the Apple Card.

The Path to Apple Card program will give you tips and suggestions to help resolve due balances, lowering credit card and loan debt, and more. Every month Apple will email the participant with an update on their progress towards Apple Card.

Image Credit: MacRumors

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