Appleosophy Streaming Picks: July 17-23


The summer of streaming is still going because of the coronavirus pandemic, and that streaming TV is a great way to relax after a long day or week of work.

Here are our picks for the week ahead:


  • “George Lopez”: The show that was a popular hit in reruns on Nick@Nite for the longest time in the 2000s is now officially on Peacock, which just launched this week.


  • “The Newsroom”: If you’re tired of watching today’s broadcast TV news, then this Aaron Sorkin-written TV series might be up your alley. All three seasons are available to stream on HBO Max.


  • “13 Reasons Why” (Season 4): The final season of the hit TV series has been out on Netflix for a little while now. It is the last installment of the TV show, so watch it if you get the chance.



  • “Palm Springs”: The movie has done pretty well so far and is one we definitely have to recommend. It’s certainly one to watch if you have a chance over the weekend. you can watch it on Hulu.


  • Hallmark’s Christmas in July: Yes, times can be both tough and depressing during the pandemic and you might be trying to find a way to stay positive. Hallmark movies are a great way to do that, especially its Christmas films. The best way to stream them is through Frndly TV, which starts at just $5.99 a month. You can see our review of the streaming service here.


  • “The Last Dance”: This was one of the most popular ESPN programs during the pandemic about Michael Jordan. It will be available to stream in its entirety on Netflix on Sunday, July 19.