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Appleosophy | Review: ESPN+ in 2020

ESPN+ has been out for a couple of years and has been another way for the network and sports fans alike to get even more sports in their day-to-day lives.

The streaming service offers its users both live and on-demand programming to watch.


What I do like about the service for starters is that it does offer a fair amount of live sporting events to watch. This can be seen from the multiple soccer games that are on, select MLB games and select college football games (when the season starts).

On top of that, it is also the home for pay-per-view UFC fights, which cost the users an additional price to watch but you can watch it all from ESPN+. It also carries coverage of the PGA Championship this year and will be the exclusive streaming provider of it starting in 2022.

ESPN+’s on-demand programming is quite extensive and carries something that every sports fan will be able to enjoy, whether that is “Peyton Places,” which stars famous NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, “ESPN FC,” a program all about soccer” or “In The Crease,” a TV show that plays highlights and gives news about the NHL.


ESPN has also brought back NFL Primetime with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson, which was a very popular program on ESPN back in the day. It is now an ESPN+ exclusive.

To make the service even better, users can download on-demand content for offline viewing, which is great for those who could be traveling in the car or on an airplane as a passenger and need something to watch to keep them busy. This is something that not even NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV has at this time.

Lastly, whether you’re like me and have the Hulu bundle with ad-free Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ or the Disney+ bundle with Disney+, ad-supported Hulu and ESPN+, or those who just want ESPN+ as a singular service, you can subscribe to it through the App Store and pay $4.99 a month via its in-app purchases.

If you already have a TV provider (cable, satellite or live TV streaming service), you can also watch up to four screens at once when using the ESPN app on your Apple TV (depending on how many ESPN channels you have on your package). It does sync with the Apple TV app as well.


ESPN+ gets 4/4 stars in my book because of the price of just $4.99 a month, you are getting a lot for the small price and it is one that many sports fans need to make the consideration on getting for themselves.

Rating: 4/4 stars

David Becker
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