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Apple Pay launch in Mexico is Closer Than Expected

Just yesterday after the October Event, Apple released a new website for Apple Pay in Mexico. Even though there isn’t a clear date or release window, there is enough information to suggest that the country will get Apple’s mobile payment system soon.

It’s been a while since Apple Pay has been available to more than 40 countries, but release in Latin American countries has not ben mentioned until now. Other than Brazil, the US and Canada, this is the third country in all the continent to support Apple Pay.

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Even though neither Apple nor the Mexican Banks have talked about specific details or dates for the roll-out, it is expected that the payment method would be available by the end of the year.

This new website emphasises the features and ease of use of Apple Pay, as well as the way that businesses will be able to introduce it as a payment option. According to the information in the page, the Apple Pay experience in Mexico will be exactly the same as in other countries, featuring all of the great software integration Apple has baked into their wonderful payment system.

It seems like Apple is finally setting up their services on a global scale. Every year, iPhones and other devices designed in Cupertino have exorbitant prices overseas, and often don’t get the same features of services that the American customers enjoy.

If anything, this also implies that other countries will most likely get Apple Pay or other Apple services. With India and the Apple Online Store, and Mexico with Apple Pay, the guys at Cupertino seem to be interested in giving international consumer an even better experience than before.

Emilio Morales

Author: Emilio Morales

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