AnyFix: How to Fix iOS System Issues

Appleosophy|AnyFix: How to Fix iOS System Issues
Appleosophy|AnyFix: How to Fix iOS System Issues
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Even though iOS is one of the best mobile operative systems, every update comes with a plethora of issues and bugs. From terrible battery drain, to your device getting stuck on the Apple logo screen; some users have to face these issues every year they update their devices.

There are a lot of complicated software solutions to fix all of these issues. With clunky interfaces and extremely long repair times, these usually scare off first-time users. And this is where AnyFix comes in.

AnyFix is your one-stop solution to almost every issue you can face while updating your device. With just a couple of clicks in a clean, simple interface, you can fix up to 130 issues, from errors in charging, bugs with the touch-screen and turning on your iPhone.

The software also offers troubleshooting and bug-fixing with other Apple devices, such as the iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

Appleosophy|AnyFix: How to Fix iOS System Issues


What differentiates AnyFix from any other repair software is the way it works. Instead of just working without giving you any context for the repair, you can choose between three repair modes:

  • Standard Repair: It fixes common issues like bugs with the battery or charging, with no data loss.
  • Advance Repair: While this mode gives users a deeper level of change, there is some data loss after the process.
  • Ultimate Repair: This repair mode fixes even the most stubborn bugs and errors. There is also the ability to bring your device back from the dead after being stuck in DFU mode or other common device-altering bugs.

By offering three repair modes, users can enjoy a higher level of control over the process. This makes AnyFix one of the best, most efficient repair software tools in the market.

But one of the most attractive features AnyFix offers is their Downgrade Tool. With AnyFix software, downgrading to your favorite iOS version that is still signed by Apple is a pleasurable experience with a hassle free downgrade function with just a few clicks. You can now have an exclusive peek at the iOS betas without risking your data or loosing your favorite features from previous iOS versions.

Why AnyFix?

But why should you choose AnyFix? Well, their use of exclusive technologies such as ForceRepair, SmartScan and many others makes all of their great features possible. iMobie is a certified Apple and Windows developer, so all of their software products are malware free, so there’s no worry of data compromise when using this handy tool!

With an amazing 24/7 customer service, Money Back guarantee of 60 days and an instant delivery, you can trust that your data will be extremely protected and your problems will be solved!

If you’re interested in getting lost data back from your device, you can also download PhoneRescue. iMobie’s data rescue tool is amazing at getting your important files and favorite pictures back. It works amazing if you forgot to make a backup of your phone after using AnyFix with your device.

You can get your copies of AnyFix or PhoneRescue by clicking on the names of the software. Remember that the instant delivery and the money back guarantee apply for both products.

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Appleosophy|AnyFix: How to Fix iOS System Issues
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