Apple shows off the upcoming CarKey feature on iOS 13.6 Privacy Screen

iPhone Ticker was the first finder of the upcoming CarKey feature on iOS 13.6 beta 2, There are several paragraphs on adding a Car Key to the Apple Wallet App, if iOS 13.6 users head the Privacy information for Apple Wallet. Apple has not officially announced this feature yet and they may announce it in WWDC 2020.

On iOS 13.6, Apple has updated the copy and may be planning to launch this feature along with the release of iOS 13.6 in the position of waiting for iOS 14. Apple may very well reveal this feature as part of WWDC next week.

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Apple detailed that in the future the Wallet App will allow users to add a virtual Car Key to the App that will be compatible with some vehicles.

A CarKey of a supported car model can be added by the user by signing into an App Store application which will guide the user’s about the steps to add a pass for the key. One can also pair the Car Key inside the Wallet App by scanning a code.

The authentication token on the user’s iPhone will pair the car key and Apple will be using user’s location and other information about their account to detect & prevent scams.

Users will have the ability to share CarKeys with their family by accessing the Invite Button on the back of the paired pass. This can also be shared via iMessage to other users.

The user information will not be exposed by anyone. Apple’s mentions in their privacy information that it will not save any information about how, when and where you drive your car, or lock or unlock your car. The information may be collected by the car manufacturer and to the privacy policy of their automaker Apple control the user’s information.

The iPhone 11 series will support CarKey with Ultra Wide Band Support, according to 9To5Mac. This will help iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max users to point their iPhone to their car to unlock it. It is still unknown about which cars will support CarKey.

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