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iPhone 12 may not be able to run 5G Speed on both SIMs

Apple has enabled the E-Sim functionality in all its latest iPhones and will continue with the future line-ups. The iPhone 12 is the first device from Apple that supports 5G, but it comes with a catch.

As reported by MacRumors, an internal training document from Apple’s Sales Web resources has been leaked, which states that the iPhone 12 in Dual SIM mode will throttle the speed down to 4G LTE instead of running the 5G Speed.

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If this report comes true, users will have to disable one of their SIM to experience the 5G speed on their new iPhones. There is no news if this can be fixed in one of the future updates or if the customers will have to wait for the next iPhone. Apple has directly confirmed none of the above so that we can wait until then.

It’s still not sure if Apple will support the full mmWave 5G in its iPhone 12 line-up in other news.

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