Apple iPhone 12 supports sharing of 5GHz Personal Hotspot

The iPhone 12 lineup focused a lot on 5G and its advantages. While they talked a lot about it on the stage, they left a few features to find themselves.

Aaron Zollo took it to Twitter to post a screenshot, which shows that the iPhone 12 has the capability of sharing Personal Hotspot via the 5GHz Band.

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The feature is enabled on the device by default and can be toggled in the ‘Maximize Compatibility’ settings, which reverts it to the 2.4GHz Band. When it is enabled, Apple notes that it might affect the Network Performance on the connected devices.

It is to be noted that although the 5GHz band is faster, it only supports a smaller distance as compared to 2.4GHz, so the Internet speed will also depend on how far the connected device is.

Sriyansa Mohanty
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