Apple updates Clips app; biggest update ever

Clips is one of Apple’s weirdest projects. Serving as the quintessential iOS video creation apps, it offers users the ability to make fantastic and creative videos with no prior editing knowledge.

Today, Apple has released Clips version 3.0. This update streamlines new filters and other creative features that take full advantage of the new iPhone 12 and other feature that have been introduced in iOS 13 and 14.

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The first big feature in this update is the new  interface. It now displays more content on screen and options that can make videos more interesting and creative for social media. New effects, stickers and music have been added to make videos more personal and eye-catching.

Also, the iPad has new experience in the Clips app. With this, the whole screen is being used to display creative options to make creating easier and faster in Apple’s biggest mobile screen. Also, with the option to use the TrueDepth sensors, you can now use Animoji and Memoji in the Clips app.

But a new interface and a couple of added tricks is not all. With the iPhone 12, users can now record in Dolby Vision HDR in the app. And combined with the support for new aspect ratios, they can create stunning videos in a simple and quick way, for all their social platforms.

Apple continues to develop unique software experiences for their users, and Clips is not the exception. Considering this app is getting an update to use the full features of iPhone 12, it is likely that others such as iMovie and GarageBand will get updates as well.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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